Gael Londain

Founded 2016

United Kingdom

Photographic and Social Media Policy

We adhere to best practice guidance on sharing images of children, and will never identify any child in a photo, and limit use of photos of individual children on the club website/social media, preferring general action shots or team photos.

You have the option to indicate on your membership profile that you have not granted us permission to use your child’s image in this way. Naturally, we have no control over images that may be taken or shared by other parents.

If you withhold photo consent, we will make every attempt to actively exclude your child from team shots; to help us in this matter, please make your child aware that they should not participate in group or team photos taken at the club.  There will be times, particularly shots of teams in action when your child will have been captured in the shot. Where we notice this, we will first attempt to crop out your child. When this is not possible, we will obscure their face.

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