Gael Londain

Founded 2016

United Kingdom

Membership Instructions 2022


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How to pay for your membership


Open the app and click on the Clubhouse tab bottom left and then click Membership


 Select Membership

Or visit the website here: Buy Membership

On the next screen DO NOT try to renew your membership, but instead you need to Become a New Member (bottom of the screen).

 NEW Member


On the next screen, make sure you scroll to the "Club Membership 2022" section and at the bottom of the section click "Purchase Now"



Click on the Add Member button

 Add Member


On the next screen you are going to add all the members in your family. Start with yourself, as a parent. Click on the link "Adult Non-Playing (Parent/Coach)"

 Choose Member Type


Add your details and then click on "Add another member"

 Add Details


You will return to this screen. To add another parent, click "Adult Non-Playing (Parent/Coach)" or to add a Child click "Child". Keep adding members until your family is complete.

 Choose AdultChoose Child


When you've added your whole family (playing children only), scroll to the bottom and click "Continue".

On the next screen, you can check all details (and edit if necessary) and then you'll be given options to pay in one payment or in three installments. Select whichever is relevant.

The payment processor is Stripe. Only they hold your payment card details - neither Gael Londain nor ClubZap have access to this information.

Click to add payment details and then click Pay at the bottom. You are now a paid-up member of Gael Londain.

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